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The History Of Haggis


The band that have tormented Norway for almost a decade, have now decided to declare war, a war against the world! Following is a presentation of the band and it’s members.

In 1994 a young skinhead from the fair city of Stavanger, Norway, decided that he would no longer stand the bollocks on the charts, and therefore starting his own band so he to could be a bollock on some chart! He asked three of his friends to join this soon to be very unknown band, and so it began.

Rehearsing in a public rehearsing room sounded like a good idea for the band, but unfortunately not for the local police. Being that the band members where "raving mad nazi skins" and not suitable for any sort of public assistance, the police made a report where they accused the band and band-members of being a dangerous nazi band that should not be allowed to neither rehearse or play any gigs in Stavanger. Such allegations was not a very happy thing to get thrown in the face, and Haggis started their two month long fight against the police, to clean their name and reputation. Newspapers went head over heels to do interviews and local radio stations played Haggis non-stop during the "media-war" that was going on.

The only argument the local police bastards where able to dig up, was the sole fact of the band being Skinheads and drinking large amounts of beer (witch is very fascist…duh!).

The fight went to such a drastic point that in the end, Norway’s biggest newspaper (Dagbladet) demanded that S.E.F.O should be contacted (SEFO is an Norwegian organisation that deals with the police when they do wrong, which is not rare thing!).

The police flew in a expert on "criminal sub-culture" named Tore Bjørgo to analyse Haggis’s lyrics, nice knowing that we pay tax for educated morons reading dead simple drink and piss lyrics! The "expert" agreed with the police in that the lyrics had "fragments of racist propaganda", but did also conclude that the lyrics was of no danger to the general public.

All this shit happened during the summer of 96 and gave the band a shitload of free PR.

So when the police got tired of harassing us, everything just kinda faded away, and Haggis was back on top again, destined to rape and kill again!

But as in every other band in the world, some changes had to be made: the singer was a weak little cunt so he had to go, then we got the bass-players woman to sing, she had to go, then we got a local skinhead who played in another band (Möralens Vöktere) to step in. This guy screams like a man and is a1, it’s just that he’s to nice, so he had to go too!

So to top it all we fired our guitar player, coz he was messing around with drugs (and that’s for homo-hippies only) and our bass-player had to move, so again we had to recruit new members for the band.

Then one sunny day we hooked up with a thin crazy cussin-fucker of a man who really could play the guitar, a nanny that don’t know which way to hold the bass and last but not a midget: a singer, and not just a singer but a deranged hooligan of a man/ animal who really knows his way around the fists.

Haggis was born again, and what an ugly and mongoloid baby it was too

So after six fucking years with constant line-up changes, fights, arrests, child-births and the lot, we have finally ended a two week long recording session and are no ready for the world!

We are asking to play live and we’re dying to get signed for a release.